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Now open...New office location in Westlake, seattle


Jackie and Kristin have joined forces and opened an office in Westlake.

Cultivate Wellness Center

1818 Westlake Ave. Ste 106

Westlake, Seattle 98109

They both offer a variety of modalities to introduce and encourage Self Care!

They are taking new clients and offering specials for the Grand Opening!

Kristins' business is called Precision Bodyworks. 

She offers sessions in Thai Yoga Massage and Nutrition Counseling.

To book visit www.precisionbodyworks.net

Jackie is offering  special discounts on Private Sessions and Packages.

Save $10 on a Single Session.

Save $60 on a 4 Session Package.

Scroll Down to book online.

Jackie specializes in Clearing and Balancing the energy in your body.

She also clears homes, offices and property. 

Teaching Self Care is her passion and she offers many tools and techniques 

to help you find your own path toward Self Healing.

This includes: Sessions in Healing, Oracle/Past Life Readings, Detox Foot Baths & More!


All Sessions have a base rate for 60-75 minutes.

A $10 fee will be added to each 15 minute increments over the base time.

Distance Sessions are also available and do not require online booking.

You can contact Jackie and request a Session.


Private Healing Sessions both in person or distant.

What is Energy Healing?

It is when the vibration of energy is heightened and healing takes place.

The combination of intention or prayer with this vibration can impact the body greatly.

Energy is in everything and everyone. The body knows how to heal itself. 

So, when the vibrations of the energy inside and around the body are increased,
the body releases negative energy and healing is a result. 

Where does the Energy come from?

This is a really good question...
Energy is everywhere and it can be manipulated with frequency and vibrations.

"I love to work with something so natural, yet powerful and beneficial".
There are several different techniques that all involve the movement of energy.
Jackie combines techniques that are appropriate for the clients needs.

One of the most common is called:

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key")
is a Japanese technique created in 1922 for stress release and relaxation. 
The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means
"God's (Higher power) wisdom" and Ki which is "life force energy."
So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."
Since this energy is guided by spiritual wisdom and loving intention, 

there is always a positive outcome toward the highest good of the client.

What does Healing feel like?

Everyone senses energy in a different way. Some are more sensitive than others.             So, based on your own vibration and sensitivities, it will be unique to you.


Healing is energy and vibration. It moves and changes through the body.

Some sense this vibration as heat or cold. Some feel tingles or shocks. Some twitch as energy is leaving the body. These are just a few examples of how it can be felt on a physical level. 

Jackie can talk, imagine, stand near you or place her hands over you 
and connect to your energy field. She offers from Source a higher vibration for you to connect.

If you are receptive to this new vibration, then it begins to relax you as it flows.

Healing can affect your mental, emotional and physical body.

Please know that the body works at healing the source. 

This is highly beneficial because it's not treating symptoms, 
it is healing at the root of your problem.

Therefore, each session is different and working through layers of your journey to healing.

Jackie can do a session at your home, office or even over the phone.

How to prepare for a session.

Every session can be a different experience for everyone.
It is best to just let go of expectations and allow your body to relax.

You can bring a special item that you wish to attune with.
Trust in yourself and your ability to heal within.
Your body, angels and guides will do the rest.

In person sessions, please do not wear perfume or fragrances, leather or 100% polyester clothing.

What happens in a session?

You typically lie on a massage table. You are fully clothed for the session.
She would place her hands in different positions over your head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Based on your needs, other locations maybe needed as well. 

The session usually lasts between 30 and 60 mins.
You will typically sense relaxation first. 

This is important and allows healing to take place without resistance. 

Jackie typically balances joints and clears chakras. She senses for sources of pain and ailments. She will create a lumination process to release the negative energy held in the space and replace it with light. 

It is also common for her to pick up on past life information that is key to providing healing to past events and phobias. She will clear the aura last and then answer any questions you may have. 

Every session is unique and different. The body will know what it needs to work on in that moment and session. So, no 2 sessions are alike. 

Please don't hesistate to email jackie with any questions or concerns...jackie@jackieleaalaska.com


Would you like more info on healing ointments?


Alaska has some amazing healers and my friend Yaari  is one of them.

She makes all natural healing ointments right here in Alaska. 

She calls it Riiglluk Salve.

This blend is wonderful for all types of pain.

Click below to read more and order your own jar.

More Info on Riiglluk Salve

Yoga / Healing / Meditation / Mediumship

Private Sessions

Group  or Private Sessions in Yoga or Meditation

Yoga can provide flexibility, joint repair, increased range of motion, improved balance, lower blood pressure, 

relieve stress and so much more!

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Relax and Escape Moments

There are a variety of audios available for sale through iTunes and Amazon.

Jackie records Guided Relaxations for meditation and sleep. They can help calm the mind and reprogram the body. 

Order them online or listen to samples on Soundcloud. 

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