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"My passion is to be a guide and mentor for my clients as they travel on their personal journey. This includes creating a safe and protected space that is fun and positive.  

I am dedicated to listening, observing and encouraging you as you go deeper into your journey.  I will teach you about the mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

Guiding you toward a life of peace and balance." ~Jackie  

I wanted to have a spiritual connection to creator and this earth. 

I was tired of feeling lost, with no motivation. Like many, I was searching for my purpose in life. So, I started taking yoga and meditating. It changed everything! Yoga and meditation opened my awareness to myself. I learned about my own energy, strengths and weaknesses. I began to understand that I had always been a medium and healer. This gave me new confidence and passions. 

I had a strong desire to teach and to share what I was learning with others. 

So, I began teaching yoga in 2009 with an E-RYT500 certification. 

I began healing others in 2012 and studied more energy healing as a Reiki Master. 

I opened my own studio called Loveuryoga in 2012 and my journey was abound. 

I am passionate about teaching tools and techniques for self healing. 

I can connect with your guides and learn how pains and injuries manifested. 

My special gift is locating the source of pains and other symptoms.

This also gives me insight to the proper techniques that will create the right opportunity for your body to heal.

It is common now through yoga and meditation to become self aware. 

But, to dive deeper is my challenge to you! 

 Ask Yourself...

Would you like to learn more about how the mind and the body work together? 

Do you want to know how energy moves through you and can affect your moods and actions? 

Are you tired of not feeling good or your body feeling imbalanced?

Would you like to heal your past and create the future you desire?

Have you wondered what your dreams mean and if they have hidden messages for you?

Do you wonder what your life purpose is and how to best fulfill it?

Get answers to these questions and more!



Nivedita S.


"Jackie, thank you for the personal clearings and prayers. 

I think that's what helped my dad resolve the property issues that had been going on for 25 years. 

You released the negative energy." 


Angel C. (Owner TRY)


"Jackie Lea with the assistance of Lauren brought beautiful healing energy to Temple Road Yoga this afternoon. 

Thank you so much for your loving and thoughtful creation of the Yin event. 

I know I speak for everyone when I say...Please come back to see us soon!" 

Melanie H.


"My son was away at band camp and was having trouble falling asleep. 

He went to your site and listened to your voice and calm music on the Bodyscan Track. 

When it was over he took out his headphones and fell immediately to sleep...thank you!" 

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